Our fa­vorite cat­e­go­ry is one that com­bines the pow­er­ful mes­sage of a ke­tubah through mod­ern art with a com­plete­ly unique and fresh style. When choos­ing the win­ner of this award we al­so look for a re­li­able qual­i­ty that is­n’t found any­where else. The Lov­ing Em­brace from This Is Not a Ke­tubah goes above and be­yond your typ­i­cal ke­tubah. It cap­tures Pi­cas­so’s art style with vi­brant col­ors and con­veys a com­pelling mes­sage of a cou­ple’s love for one an­oth­er. This Is Not a Ke­tubah’s mod­ern art piece is def­i­nite­ly the Best Ke­tubah Of The Year and de­serv­ing of a huge applause!