Hello and thank you for stopping by The Ketubies page! We are part of the Ketubah Artist Association, a group of artists that are dedicated to creating and improving the beautiful and sacred Ketubah artwork. This awards page is an extension of our motivation to not just develop, but also honor this cherished tradition.

Among all the ketubah companies and designers out there, we consistently noticed certain individuals who stood out to us for their overall innovation and unique craftsmanship. This gave us the idea to create a website that would give valid recognition to the Ketubot artists that have been creating and producing magnificent pieces of art and to also get the word out to potential customers and clients. We are dedicated to awarding only the best out there in style, design, customer service and more!

Searching for that perfect Ketubah and are in need of some assistance? Drop us a line and we will give you some personal recommendations! Unfortunately we can only choose one winner per award, but we have seen and are familiar with a ton of companies and artists in the business. We love to help couples find the ketubah of their dreams.. and we can help with that, for free!

Whether you are a customer in the Ketubah market, or a ketubah artist yourself we hope you are excited and inspired by the extraordinary Award-winning ketubot on our website!


Ketubah Artist Association