Hav­ing or de­sign­ing a ke­tubah is al­ready ex­treme­ly mean­ing­ful, it is an artis­tic sym­bol of a cou­ple’s love and de­vo­tion. How much more sig­nif­i­cant could it be when the artist cre­at­ing their Ke­tubah does so, with their very own hands? Every move­ment made with the thought of the cou­ple in mind — their in­ter­ests, de­sires and unique part­ner­ship. New Ke­tubah made by artist Tsil­li Pines wins Best Hand­craft­ed Ke­tubah for her unique hand­craft­ed art pieces. Her ke­tubot have care­ful­ly stitched cot­ton threads through­out the art­work, to cre­ate the most spe­cial and sig­nif­i­cant sym­bol in a cou­ple’s life.