With all the tra­di­tion­al styles out there to­day, it’s re­fresh­ing to see some­thing that is­n’t your av­er­age, every­day ke­tubah. It’s rare to find a com­pa­ny so ad­ven­tur­ous to try it’s hand at a mod­ern style ke­tubah, and even more rare to find a com­pa­ny that ac­tu­al­ly suc­ceeds in do­ing it. That be­ing said, we are hap­py to give “Best Mod­ern Ke­tubah” award to the Bright Kiss Ke­tubah. This Is Not A Ke­tubah suc­ceeds with their Romero Brit­to in­spired art piece that com­bines all the love and joy of a wed­ding day with a unique and mod­ern feel.