This type of ke­tubah is tru­ly a work of art that sets it­self aside from the rest. The in­tri­ca­cy of this del­i­cate art form re­quires so much pa­tience and dili­gence, it’s no won­der there are not more out there. Es­pe­cial­ly not like the crafts­man­ship of Dan­ny Azoulay. The plat­inum or­na­men­ta­tion and three-lay­er cut pa­per gives Azoulay’s ke­tubot a gor­geous dy­nam­ic depth un­seen of any­where else. For that we give him Best Pa­per­cut Ke­tubah, his gift­ed crafts­man­ship is a true rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a beau­ti­ful tradition.