It’s not of­ten that ke­tubot are cre­at­ed from some­thing as eye catch­ing as cop­per. The Ahu­vim Cop­per Ke­tubah from Gad Al­mali­ah is so unique and dif­fer­ent that we had to cre­ate an awards cat­e­go­ry just for his beau­ti­ful ke­tubah and out­stand­ing crafts­man­ship. The hand-cut em­bossed cop­per and print­ed text per­fect­ly ex­hibits the beau­ty and emo­tion of a tra­di­tion­al ke­tubah. Gad Al­mali­ah wins Best Hand-Cut Cop­per Ke­tubah for his ex­quis­ite tech­nique and skill.